Classic’ - a book which people praise and don’t read.
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Nggak semua orang punya masalah yg banyak. Tapi namanya juga masalah —  sedikit atau banyak, kamu nggak pernah ngerasain —  karena itu bukan masalahmu. Jadi kamu nggak tahu rasanya detached ke semua hal. Kamu nggak tahu rasanya ngempet sendiri. Kamu nggak tahu rasanya nggak punya ‘tempat pulang’. Kamu nggak tahu rasanya capek menahan. Semuanya bukan masalahmu. Kamu nggak pernah ngerasain.

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What disturbs me the most about the female celebrities nudes being leaked (aside from the obvious invasion of privacy) is the shame that is being put on these women for being seen to be “indecent”.

Something is wrong with society when these women can grace magazine covers, and editorials…

100% agree with this. Women are humans, humans are sexual beings.

What am I running from all these time?


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Very nice japanese illustrator